Life changes – get off the treadmill

ants-life-changes-get-off-the-treadmill-picLife was good for Jacob who sat and watched the anthill as his mum hung out the washing. They were going to the movies and he was on school holidays – a special day in his life. It was a beautiful sunny day and he looked forward to this. He was amused by the way the ants moved to and fro busily from one mound to another.

Anthony jumped out of bed and raced to the door. He was late for work and had an important meeting with the boss. It could be the day that changed his life. He hurriedly showered, dressed, grabbed an apple and ran to the car. He forgot the glasses and wallet. Raced back into the house and found them. He raced back to the car.

Annabel his wife was also in a hurry. She raced out of the house with the 3 kids behind her, bags on their back and lunches in their hand. She threw herself into the car and on the road to school. Anthony was just ahead of her. Quick wave in the car to him and blew a kiss. Mornings are such a rush. Dropped the kids and off to work for Annabel. Kids raced into the school just as the bell went and they went three separate ways. Life was so busy in the mornings. Annabel now joined the motorway queues and sat in the car, her little box where she put on her make-up on the way. Water and lunch are sitting tidily on the seat. Got that right anyway.

Meanwhile Anthony arrived at work. He grabbed the lunch, the glasses, the Ipad, the phone. Oops! He forgot the file for Davidson. He raced back for it. There it is in the boot. I got it! He raced into the office building and up the stairs to the meeting.

Annabel finally got off the motorway. She arrived at work. Went to go into a car spot and another person stole it. Damn! There goes more minutes of driving around looking for another parking spot. She backs into the spot. No. Not quite got it. Try that again. Finally she backed in properly. Grab water, lunch, bag on shoulder and into the building. She races up the stairs. She forgot the mobile. She races back to the car. Let’s try that again.

Anthony and Annabel busy day at work. Up and down the lift and escalators. He has a lunch meeting in the city. Take the car. He is back on the road again – into the queues. Have a quick bite to eat. They both need a sugar fix. They are so tired. Why does life have to be so busy? Grab some chocolate. It’s his fifth cup of coffee. Not good. Never mind. Worry about that tomorrow. Need it.

O my Gosh! Its 4pm – Anthony has one more meeting to go. Annabel is on way to get the kids. Thank goodness sport today and can get them a bit later. Finally she has picked them up and they join the queues on the motorway trip home. Oops got to stop at mums to pick up the flowers for tomorrow. Stop at mums. She races out of car. Thanks mum. Quick kiss – bye mum! No time in life for anything more. Back to car and drive kids home.

Three rowdy kids run out of the car and into house. They race up the stairs. Grabbing some snacks. Off for changing clothes, showers and homework. Annabel is in the kitchen making dinner. Anthony’s arrived home now. They are eating food. Their homework is now done. One goes to training. They are now out on the road again. Training for them is now over. Come back home. It’s time to shower and go to bed kids. Anthony and Annabel crash on the couch. Then off to bed to start it all over again tomorrow.

Jacob watches as the ants race from one anthill to another. Collect their food. Three ants run into one anthill and disappear. Another ant races into a new anthill. First ant races also into a new anthill. Ants come back out and form a line like a queue of cars. One after the other they advance towards the huge mound. Stop for a mouldy apple core on the way – food for the day. New ants come out of the surrounding holes and anthills. Jacob is amused. Mum’s finished hanging out the washing now. He abandons the anthills to go to the movies. The ants don’t know Jacob is gone. This is their whole life. They still keep running round, queuing up day after day…till they die.

When was the last time you ran like Annabel and Anthony to your new anthills? Racing to the office, the school, the job, to training, pick up shopping…rush, rush, rush….like ants on a sunny day from one anthill to the other with food on their backs. It’s time to get off the treadmill and stop racing about perhaps – like ants in a line on the motorway in cars.

Do you want to be part of the ant colony or do you want to stand out and be the individual and empowered? It’s your decision. What can you do right now to enhance your life? Right in this moment you can turn your whole world


About Stressfree Management (R)

Jenetta Haim runs a one stop natural health clinic called Stressfree Management (R) in Greystanes, Sydney, Australia. She is an international author. Her credentials sport a BA and a Masters in Eastern Philosophy and its application to stress in Western Society with certifications in many modalities. She is a registered Naturopathic Nutritionist with ATMS & CMA, a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the ASCH, AHA and ANHR, an affiliate counsellor with the ACA, a registered NLP Practitioner with the ABNLP, has taught Meditation & Mindfulness for over 35 years, is a Theta Healer and a Reiki Master/ Practitioner/Teacher with Reiki Australia. She holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Jenetta also provides Corporate seminars for staff and productivity development. Purchase her book and find further information on
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  1. Big thank you to everyone who has started following my blog. Very grateful you got something out of my postings 🙂

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