Your Bad Digestion Can Cause Many Illnesses

bad digestion may 2017 hamburger friesThe digestive system is the centre of your wellbeing. If your digestion is not working properly then nothing else will. Many people when I tell them about this give me a strange look adding that they go to the bathroom every day, or every few days and yes, they are occasionally constipated. So what? It is a big deal. It will make you sick.

If you are feeling fatigued, bloated, have heartburn, constipation or stomach cramps you could be suffering from an underlying problem. If you have hormone issues, thyroid issues then you definitely have an underlying problem. If you have aches and pains and inflammation then you also have a bad digestion. These symptoms all relate to having a digestive system that isn’t working properly. Other signs will be the colour of your stools, floating stools, undigested food or mucus in the toilet.

Our digestive system breaks down and absorbs your food. Protein is broken down by the stomach and carbohydrates and fats are broken down in the small intestine. We need digestive juices created by the stomach, liver, and gall bladder, to help you digest your food. If we do not produce enough of these juices it then leads to poor digestion as your food won’t break down properly.

Most people don’t realise that having a healthy digestive system is very important to help you stay healthy. Your gastrointestinal tract is linked to most diseases, however to have a digestive problem you don’t actually have to have anything wrong with your stomach which is why people tend to not understand this topic properly.

When the colon isn’t working properly you may feel pain, bloating, nausea and have flatulence, diarrhea or constipation. This is called Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). This is commonly caused by stress or lack of fibre or food allergies. Other things that can cause your digestive system to stop working properly can include not drinking enough water, too much coffee, poor diet, too much alcohol, smoking, pollution, too much sugar and overeating.

Testing for food intolerances is a good way to find out what exactly is going on and can help control it. This can be done by either a blood test or saliva and hair testing. These both test for different things – either an allergy or an intolerance to the foods that could be causing the problem.

A lot of people are sensitive to things such as wheat, yeast, gluten, dairy, sugar and possibly some fruits. If you are sensitive to one or more of these foods it can build up in the body and sits there fermenting causing gas. It can then leak into the bloodstream and cause illness. If this is happening to you the only way to heal is to stop eating the foods you are intolerant to and to find out what these are you need to do the sensitivity test.

Diseases such as those named above and Coeliac disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease as well as Depression, Diverticulitis and even PMT can all be caused by having an unhealthy digestive system. A naturopath can help you take back control of your body and better your health. We also do sensitivity testing at our clinic.


About Stressfree Management (R)

Jenetta Haim has a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Eastern Philosophy and its application to stress in Western Society. She is a registered Naturopathic Nutritionist with ATMS, a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the ASCH and CMAHA. She is registered on the NHRA as a Hypnotherapist, an affiliate with the ACA, an NLP Practitioner registered with the ABNLP, has taught Meditation for over 30 years, uses Aromatherapy, and is a Reiki Master/ Practitioner/ARTP with Reiki Australia. She runs a one stop health clinic called STRESSFREE MANAGEMENT (R) in Greystanes NSW Australia. Jenetta also runs Corporate seminars for staff and productivity development and holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Visit Jenetta on
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