Hypothyroidism Can Cause Diabetes

diabetesHypothyroidism is a condition that effects the thyroid gland and is mostly found in women after the age of sixty. Unfortunately, it can also be found in children when it is more likely to turn to diabetes. Hypothyroidism can also lead to many other health issues.

Hypothyroidism affects the thyroid gland; the gland stops producing enough hormones to stimulate the metabolism and slows down the body’s system. It also affects insulin production, Carbohydrates such as white rice, pasta and flour get turned by the body into sugar, then the pancreas releases insulin to turn the sugar into energy which brings the body’s sugar levels back to normal. If hypothyroidism is involved, the pancreas slows down its ability to turn this blood sugar into energy, which then leads to diabetes.

Some of the symptoms that you may experience with hypothyroidism include muscle pain, sweating less, sensitivity to coldness and cold hands and feet, dry, brittle hair, constipation and yellowish or pale skin. If you have been suffering with hypothyroidism for a while you may also experience some symptoms such as drowsiness, memory loss, decreased sense of smell and muscle spasms.

The fact that hypothyroidism can be found not only in women aver sixty but in children is not good as children are more susceptible to developing diabetes as a result of the hypothyroidism. Children are normally tested at birth for abnormalities with the thyroid since the condition can be quite serious. It is hoped that this testing will help reduce the risk of it causing diabetes at such a young age.

The good news is that hypothyroidism can be treated before it turns into diabetes. The biggest way is to change your lifestyle by eating a low carbohydrate, low fat diet, high in protein. In children often, an oral supplement higher than that of an adult can assist as children’s metabolism is faster than that of an adult. The dosage is monitored and adjusted as they grow. Adults also have the option of taking many natural supplements which will regulate the condition provided it has not reached the level where permanent medication is inevitable.

This condition can lead to many illnesses in the body so it must not be ignored. Hypothyroidism, diabetes, metabolic syndrome are just starters. Any illness ignored in the body can lead to serious effects. Either visit your natural practitioner or doctor if you have thyroid issues and they will assist you to quickly get this illness under control.


About Stressfree Management (R)

Jenetta Haim runs a one stop natural health clinic called Stressfree Management (R) in Greystanes, Sydney, Australia. She is an international author. Her credentials sport a BA and a Masters in Eastern Philosophy and its application to stress in Western Society with certifications in many modalities. She is a registered Naturopathic Nutritionist with ATMS & CMA, a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the ASCH, AHA and ANHR, an affiliate counsellor with the ACA, a registered NLP Practitioner with the ABNLP, has taught Meditation & Mindfulness for over 35 years, is a Theta Healer and a Reiki Master/ Practitioner/Teacher with Reiki Australia. She holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Jenetta also provides Corporate seminars for staff and productivity development. Purchase her book and find further information on www.stressfreemanagement.com.au
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