Astragalus Oil And Its Herbal Healing Qualities

astragalus oil 41119Astragalus oil comes from a plant native to Northern China. Its proper name is Astragalus Membranaceus and it’s made from the root. Other names it is known by are also Huang Qi, Hwanggi and Bei Qi. This plant is really a member of the pea family. It has yellow roots and has a sweet-smelling flower.

Health Benefits

Astragalus oil has great health benefits and can be used as a massage oil, made into a cream and also into tea. It is commonly used for many things from fatigue, low immunity, ulcers, flu and to prevent allergies. It may also assist with shortness of breath, bloating, night sweats and urinary tract infections. Due to the fact that it assists in raising immunity is can assist with many other illnesses also.

The Astragalus plant contains zinc, iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, calcium, potassium, selenium and sodium. Some of the benefits of using the oil are that it may help increase your white blood cell count, stimulate antibody production, lower cholesterol levels, glucose levels and improve the digestive system. The oil in some instances has been known to assist greatly with stomach ulcers, liver and kidney function.

Before using Astragalus oil it is best to check with your health care practitioner. Don’t just go and buy any aromatherapy oil without consulting a natural therapist. Also make sure you buy the proper brands – organic and no chemicals. There are certain times you should not use this oil though such as while you are pregnant or breast feeding or if you are under a doctor’s care then you need to check with both the doctor and the natural therapist if it is not conflicting with treatment or prescribed medications. Also check if you have any allergic reactions to the pea family with your natural practitioner through a simple test.

Making Astragalus at home

If you want to make Astragalus oil at home you will need Astragalus roots, a carrier oil, which is the base of your mixture – like sweet almond, coconut or grapeseed oil. You need to use an unbleached cheesecloth and have a way to store it.

Combine the Astragalus root with the base carrier oil, 1 cup of carrier oil to every ¼ ounce of Astragalus. Heat the mixture slowly over low heat 60 degrees Celsius for about 6 hours or so. Once done strain the mix through the cloth and put it into a glass jar. To store place the jar in a cool, dark place and it will last for about 6months before its properties will decline. This mix can only be used externally.

If you want to use Astragalus as an herbal tea the recommended dose is 3 to 6 grams of the dried root to 12 ounces of water up to three times a day. However, I would consult your healthcare professional for advice before you use any aromatherapy oil.


About Stressfree Management (R)

Jenetta Haim runs a one stop natural health clinic called Stressfree Management (R) in Greystanes, Sydney, Australia. She is an international author. Her credentials sport a BA and a Masters in Eastern Philosophy and its application to stress in Western Society with certifications in many modalities. She is a registered Naturopathic Nutritionist with ATMS & CMA, a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the ASCH, AHA and ANHR, an affiliate counsellor with the ACA, a registered NLP Practitioner with the ABNLP, has taught Meditation & Mindfulness for over 35 years, is a Theta Healer and a Reiki Master/ Practitioner/Teacher with Reiki Australia. She holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Jenetta also provides Corporate seminars for staff and productivity development. Purchase her book and find further information on
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