Antibiotics And Health Risks

antibiotics 150120Antibiotics, although they fight bacteria can compromise our immunity which we often take for granted. Our immune system is working constantly to protect against pathogenic bacteria and deadly viruses and without it we would not be able to survive.

The immune system works by processing nutrients from the food we eat, filters and removes waste and uses probiotics to protect against harmful invaders to heal. The immune system is designed to work with the central nervous system to regulate a few important bodily processes. Having a poor diet, or too many toxins in the body can throw the whole system out of balance and this can result in some serious health issues. Antibiotics can also cause the system to be thrown off balance creating the same health risks. These damaging antibiotics can be prescribed for anything including colds, pneumonia, strep throat and ear infections.

The reason antibiotics are not good for the immunity is because they destroy the body’s internal microbial terrain. They target both good and the bad bacteria in our intestinal tract which creates the opposite effect of what our body’s immunity is trying to do. Our immune system is capable of keeping pathogenic bacteria at bay, as long as it is functioning properly.

Antibiotics, because they are made to destroy everything in their path, affect the protective microbes in our bodies that are helping to keep the yeasts, fungi, and other invaders from getting into the intestinal lining and infecting the body. When these harmful bacteria get into the body, this is what causes the infectious diseases and not necessarily the bacteria that are being targeted by the antibiotics. Antibiotics actually help the yeasts and fungi as they remove the natural immune barriers that would have killed them off.


Bacteria can be very adaptable and learn to overcome the challenge the antibiotics present making them pointless. The bacteria becomes stronger and more resistant. When this happens we call them superbugs.

These superbugs are becoming a problem and more frequent. This is because of the overuse of not only conventional medicine but also commercial animal farming practices. Farmers are pumping animals full of products to make them look fatter and nicer, but these animals are often very sick and full of harmful toxins so when they are killed their meat passes on the diseases to the public.

To help combat this we need to avoid antibiotics and reduce their acceptance for being used in food production. If you have already got a damaged gut you may need a boost of probiotics to help relieve the issues.


Mycotoxicosis, also known as mould poisoning is also a health issue. There are millions of people suffering from the effects although many of them don’t know why this is so. Science however, is uncovering how the various metabolic by products of pathogenic fungi known also as Mycotoxins, are responsible.

Antibiotics are commonly Mycotoxins disguised as medicine. The non-synthetic medications come from fungal metabolites, which operate in much the same way which then causes the same types of systematic damage, leading to health conditions such as urinary tract infections. UTI’s are usually blamed as a result from bacteria but this is not the case. Antibiotics are usually the cause for them.

We can also be exposed to Mycotoxins from our food. The reason for this is because these affected foods are often grown in diseased/dead soil caused by the crops being over sprayed with chemical pesticides and herbicides. Affecting the soil like this is similar to how the human immune system becomes compromised due to antibiotic exposure, to be stripped of their protective bacteria which leads to their eventual infestation with damaging fungi.

There are natural solutions to becoming healthy apart from antibiotics. Consult us to find out what you can do if your gut has been damaged by too many antibiotics, if you have leaky guy or a poor immune system and we will help you overcome these issues.

About Stressfree Management (R)

Jenetta Haim runs a one stop natural health clinic called Stressfree Management (R) in Greystanes, Sydney, Australia. She is an international author. Her credentials sport a BA and a Masters in Eastern Philosophy and its application to stress in Western Society with certifications in many modalities. She is a registered Naturopathic Nutritionist with ATMS & CMA, a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the ASCH, AHA and ANHR, an affiliate counsellor with the ACA, a registered NLP Practitioner with the ABNLP, has taught Meditation & Mindfulness for over 35 years, is a Theta Healer and a Reiki Master/ Practitioner/Teacher with Reiki Australia. She holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Jenetta also provides Corporate seminars for staff and productivity development. Purchase her book and find further information on
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