Stressfree Management (R) is in Sydney, Australia. We are the one stop health shop for all your personal and corporate health needs. We help you heal energetically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically as all these areas interact.

Corporate managers can hire us to teach management and staff how to increase their productivity, work better as a team and as a result have better physical, mental and emotional health.

Learn how to de-stress, keep fit, lose weight, eat properly, give up smoking, find out what foods you are sensitive to, what makes you sneeze, what upsets your stomach, what hormones are not functioning properly, improve your digestion and have better relationships either in your personal life or in the office. Change those negative patterns with some NLP, heal gently with our aromatherapy oils or clear up your energy with some Reiki/Theta healing or create more balance in your lifestyle.

Learn how to meditate and increase your mindfulness either in a group with us, one on one lessons or in the office. We also have meditation/mindfulness classes and reiki healing evenings and lots of courses on offer.

On a corporate level we can show your staff how to work better as a team, be more productive, build better communication skills and create a balance between personal and company life whilst increasing their productivity.

Check out our website now on www.stressfreemanagement.com.au where you can also order Jenetta’s new book Stress-Free Health Management, a Natural Solution for your health filled with lots of information on many modalities, lots of tips to help you get healthy and stay healthy.

Contact us now on +61414680713 to see how we can help you on a personal level or for your staff and corporate needs.

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