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Antibiotics And Health Risks

Antibiotics, although they fight bacteria can compromise our immunity which we often take for granted. Our immune system is working constantly to protect against pathogenic bacteria and deadly viruses and without it we would not be able to survive. The … Continue reading

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Treating Pain Naturally

Did you know there is such a thing as a pain ‘syndrome’? It is not understood very well but it is when chronic pain spreads throughout the body from a beginning known cause but the spread itself has no ‘apparent’ reason. In America there are over 76 million people living in pain daily according to the American Pain Foundation. This is for a whole range of different illnesses. Often they are dismissed and sent to a psychologist being told they are exaggerating. Of course the upshot is that you are filling yourself with pain killers which have such detrimental side effects on your whole body and usually only relieve a part of the pain anyway Continue reading

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We want to have a baby – why isn’t it happening?

Couples often get disheartened when after the huge decision to have a baby they find that pregnancy is just not happening. They may have found the house, have stable jobs, are part of the way paying off the mortgage and if any time was right to fall pregnant it would be now…but despite the best of efforts it just does not occur. Continue reading

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You can be assured if you don’t protect yourself when you are younger that by the time you reach your older years you will need to take some form of drugs to undo the effects of the toxic environment on your body and it may not be the case that these will always do their job Continue reading

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Do you feel bloated, tired and have a stuffy nose?

Do you suffer from allergies? Do joint pain and immune problems plague you throughout the whole year? What if you could remove three things from your diet and all this would diminish? Would you do it? You bet you would. … Continue reading

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