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Borderline Personality Disorder – How To Handle It

Borderline personality disorder is an illness that is often demonised, stigmatised and dramatised because people watch movies such as ‘Single White Female’ and ‘Girl Interrupted’ and get the wrong impression about the illness. What are some of the symptoms? Sometimes … Continue reading

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How To Stay Happier In Your Life

Busy, stressful days take their toll so it is important to remember to slow down and chill out sometimes. If you don’t do this then life can become overwhelming, you become stressed, anxious, unhappy and depressed. If you are starting … Continue reading

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Losing a child

There is nothing more sad and devastating to a parent than losing a child. Whether it be to illness or kidnapping the feeling is the same. What could be greater than the loss of someone you love? Especially someone who has been a part of you. Parents whose children are kidnapped live in constant hope of finding them again but suffer from the same torment in many ways as if the child was dead. Continue reading

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