Your toilet tells you a lot about health

Uncomfortable as it is the topic of toilet smells and colour can often tell us a lot about our health. Your liver, digestive system and bowels handle all the toxins in your body from pollution, chemicals and food and if you are eating food that does not agree with you then it will show up in smelly and discoloured urine or faeces. Our choices, good or bad, in food can determine this so it becomes important to take notice what you are leaving behind in your toilet.

Foods affecting urine and faeces smell

Some of the foods that can alter the smell of our urine can be asparagus, which has asparagusic acid in it that our body coverts to chemicals that can vaporise at room temperature, meaning that when we go to the toilet, we are releasing the urine which in turn releases gases that cause a smell. Coffee is another food that causes a bad smell this is because it tends to make us want to go more frequently which means the uric acid, chemicals and vitamins may be more concentrated in the urine, leading to a more pungent odour. Also, insoluble oil released by coffee beans when they’re roasted may have an effect on the odour. Alcohol has a similar affect as it is dehydrating. Other foods affecting urine smell are garlic, brussel sprouts, bananas and salmon. Bananas and salmon particularly are high in vitamin B6 which make that pungent smell.

Infections and bacteria

Another reason could be due to a urinary tract infection and it is believed that sweet-smelling urine can be a sign of diabetes. Colour changes can be due to not drinking enough water and foods such as beets can alter the colour giving it a scary reddish tinge. Sometimes a change in colour can indicate deeper health issues. If it is constantly dark it could be even a sign of hepatitis but you need to check as it could be as simple as what you have had to eat or drink. Nevertheless if the smell and colour change does not go away you should seek medical advice.

Faecal changes

Urine isn’t the only thing that can change colour in the toilet. Different types of faeces can be an indication of health issues as well. If your faeces floats it can be a sign of poor digestion. When the floating stool sticks to the side of the toilet bowl, or an oily sheen appears on the surface of the water, fats in the diet are likely left undigested. Floating, diarrhoea-like faeces that are accruing over an extended period of time can also be a sign of Coeliac Disease.

What to do

If this is the case you must eliminate gluten from your diet. It is important to making sure you empty your bowels at least once a day and check you have smooth faeces without having to strain too much, medium brown in colour that smell fairly neutral. This is a sign that you are healthy and eliminating your toxins properly. The best way to do this is to drink plenty of water (about 2 litres), eat healthy and organic, take your supplements – especially your digestive enzymes and get some regular exercise.

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Forever and ever – small secrets for a lasting marriage

Making a marriage last is not easy. There is heaps of advice out there either on the net, from friends, family and counselors to help but often it can be a few simple things done here and there that could improve your marriage in the long term. Including these as part of your foundation for your relationship is important.

Relationships usually begin with the romance which dissipates after a while and some couples fail to realise that it is important to plan at least one night a month to spend together as a couple. This doesn’t mean you have to go out in public – it could just mean sitting at home watching a movie together away from your phones or computers so there are no distractions. Write a love letter to each other once in a while, a cheeky email or have that romantic dinner – whatever you and your partner enjoy doing to keep not only the romance alive but also to enjoy a better physical relationship.

Trying to have a work/life balance often leads to us taking relationships for granted and to forget the little things count. Such things as making sure you take the time to kiss each other goodbye and hello when you come home at night. Holding hands is another good way to keep that connection of physical touch. Sometimes it just takes a smile and a hug from someone you love to blow away the issues of those long meetings all afternoon. The important factor here is the attention of the couple towards each other. This means putting down that computer or phone, muting the television and actually spending time to look and listen to what your partner is saying whilst responding with interest. Just nodding while doing emails and watching television is not attention or communication. Some people forget that. It’s nice to be acknowledged and feel loved whether it be showing up for that soccer match they play or for an event which is important for them. Your presence is what’s important.

Whilst every couple has their arguments as a normal part of life you can make them less intense and fewer. Learning to let things go instead of bringing up the same old aggravating information every time that annoys your partner is a skill that is useful. Learn to let go and live in the moment.  Cut down on complaining, instead find something positive to say to your partner who is just as tired as you at the end of the day. They have been listening to complaints at work perhaps and you adding to their stress levels is not going to be endearing. Forgiveness is a major factor in any relationship and bringing up their mistakes from long ago does not let either one of you move forward.

Learn to fight fair and make an effort not only in day to day life to relieve boredom but also in the bedroom. Your work/life balance is important for your health. Remember you do not define yourself by your job. You existed long before the job and one day will retire without the job. Your life as a human being is too important to just mistake yourself for the tag of the role you happen to be playing at any particular time. Don’t let the mundane and boring creep into your bedroom and relationship. If life is taking its toll on your energy levels then maybe you need to consult a therapist or life coach who can teach you a whole new toolkit to pep things up.

Your partner loves you and if you want your relationship to be forever and ever there are some rules you need to play by. Attention for each other is one of them and couples with loyalty, honesty, respect and understanding while putting healthy boundaries in place to remain as your own person and not lose yourself enmeshed is important. You do not need to be joined at the hip. On the contrary you need to develop as a healthy individual who brings to the relationship yourself as a person. Having your individuality is also one of the important aspects of a lasting marriage. So do things that are fun for you and take time out for yourself also. That way you can bring new, exciting information about your day and life to share with your partner in your quiet moments together. By working on these few simple things together you can achieve a long and happy life with your partner on all levels.

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What Your Knees Can Tell You About Your Health

kneeKnees are an important part of our bodies and we often don’t realise this until they begin to hurt. When they are aching it interferes with our everyday lives and often we need to go through a process to stop the pain. Some of the reasons they hurt could be injury, overweight, overuse or arthritis.

If you are overweight then your knees are also struggling with excess body weight. They feel the pressure of the weight five times more than the rest of you. One way to counteract this is to do some strengthening exercises to teach them how to cope with the pressure but an easier and healthier solution is to begin losing some weight. Also as we age muscles mass decreases which makes the knees weaker and in turn causes pain frequently so it is important to do some exercises to counteract your weight and the aging process.

Exercise is good for us however you must exercise within your means for your strength, weight and age otherwise you will overdo it and cause strain on your joints. If you find your knees are aching after exercise then give the workout a miss for the next few days to give the joint time to recover. Studies show that people that exercise regularly are likely to have cartilage degeneration which can be very painful so make sure you do your stretches properly as a warm up and a cool down after your exercise session. As we get older it may be harder to exercise if you have inflammation in your joints. Inflammation can be counteracted by the correct food and lifestyle changes but if it is attended to it can cause many illnesses like gout and arthritis.

Gout a one form of arthritis and a common cause of knee pain found in people who tend to eat a lot of red meat. Diet is very important and influences every area of our health. Another reason for pain could be that you are having digestive tract issues. So make sure you are digesting your food properly and going to the bathroom daily to empty your bowels. If you are not then ask your natural practitioner for help. Also remember that Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease can lead to knee and joint pain. Once the digestive issue is solved usually the pain diminishes considerably.

Studies show that there is likely to be a link between depression and anxiety and knee pain. It is common for people suffering with these illnesses to lack regular exercise in their day to day lives which is another factor causing knee pain.

Depression has a physiological impact on the body similar to chronic pain. This could be why many people suffering with depression and knee pain will find that the pain will ease after taking antidepressants.

So if you are suffering from knee pain there are ways you can find relief however it will involve a change in lifestyle for you to become healthier. Consult your natural practitioner for some guidelines on what to do.

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Can Reiki Help With Addiction?

Addiction can occur in a number of different ways to all kinds of things.Many of us have either suffered from, or know someone who has suffered from some kind of addition. When we think about addiction we tend to think about cigarettes, drugs, alcohol or gambling addictions, but there are many, many ways we can be addicted. Some of these can include video games, sugar and caffeine. Some can cause more harm than others but they are all addictions and can affect anyone, including children.

Addiction to alcohol, cigarettes and drugs can cause the user to suffer from things such as cirrhosis of the liver and a number of different types of cancers. Drug addictions can also lead to going to jail for crimes related to drug use or even cause some mental illnesses if someone was to consume a “bad batch”. Thankfully for those that seek help before it’s to late there are things to help deal with the addiction naturally.

Reiki can be used to help change the addictive patterns. While the reiki may help with the pattern you do need to be prepared though to change your thought processes and to put in the hard work required beat your addiction. Unfortunately there are no magic wands to flick everything away in an instant and it takes time. When you have been suffering from addiction for some time there tends to be a build up of anger towards others and also yourself. This is connected to the pain you may feel you have caused friends and family while going through the addiction. So your recovery is a process of learning to mend bridges, forgive others, ask for forgiveness and mostly to also forgive yourself and let go. That involves learning a new tool kit and reiki, in combination with therapy, can assist with that.

The reiki precepts can help you focus. These are a set of ‘sayings’ which a reiki student takes on as part of a way of life to enhance their life in some way. The first one is ‘do not anger just for today’. This is simply reminding you to not act out of anger and be mindful of other people’s feelings before you speak. When you have feelings of anger it is best to try and control yourself enough to work out why you are angry and solve the problem in a calm and reasonable way. If you must vent your anger it’s a good idea to have a tool kit where you can vent it in a non-harmful way – such as using a punching bag and boxing gloves to release your frustration. It will take time but reiki and self-reflection will help get you to the point where you will be able to follow through with this.

Growing up in an abusive alcohol or drug related home can often lead to a lot of anger and resentment and also it can lead to the children following the same abusive pattern as their parents. The key is to break the pattern and change the way we behave. To break this cycle of negative behaviour.

The other  ‘sayings’ in reiki are: ‘just for today I will let go of worry, do my work honestly, give thanks for my many blessings and be kind to every living thing’. Now imagine if you practiced just a few of these. How would your life be better if you gave thanks for your many blessings for example? If you were truly grateful for the roof over your head, the friends and family that nag you to change your destructive habits, the food on the table. How would your life be different if you decided to be kinder to the people that loved you? To make an effort for them at first, and later for yourself.

By choosing to be honest and mindful with yourself you can change your behaviour. Your reiki practitioner or therapist can help you with this, however remember that only you can change the path you’re on and beat the addiction. Thankfully there is a lot of help out there.

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Organizing Your Projects

pic jenetta articleAre you struggling to stay on top of all the different projects, big or small, that need to be done at work, school or managing any day to day tasks at home? Here are a few things to help you keep on top of things and complete your tasks stress free.

Set a priority list

Have a think about when your projects on your to do list are due and start to prioritise them in order of which one needs be completed first. Aim to complete the tasks before the actual deadline as that makes it less stressful when something unexpected goes wrong and the task takes longer than expected.

Understand your criteria

When thinking about each project you need to make sure you have a complete understanding of what is being asked of you and what needs to be done. If you are having trouble don’t be afraid to ask someone for help or a little advice. Having this knowledge will give you the confidence to complete the project not only on time but to the best of your ability. The more planning that you do around the task the less time it will take to actually complete the project.

Break it down

When you have a large project that needs to be completed it can sometimes be very overwhelming and seem nearly an impossible task. If you start breaking it down into chunks or sections of what you need to do though the task starts to feel a lot more manageable and seems easier to complete.

Building momentum

Once you get started and get a bit of momentum keep moving the goal to keep up that momentum. This may be a little difficult at first but remember all you need to do is get started. Sometimes this may mean taking your work outdoors to sit by the pool or in a park. A change of scenery or a quiet place to relax while you work can help a lot.

Analysing your goals

If you are having trouble getting a project started or even finding the motivation to get it done you need to ask yourself the benefits of completing the task and how it can help you reach your long-term goals. This will further increase your motivation whether it be a promotion at work, passing an exam or reaching your goal weight. Analyse why you are having an issue with the task. Is it something that you don’t fully understand or have no interest in at all? Make it more exciting by finding new ways to complete the task. Also ask yourself what can you do to get this project completed and sometimes the answer is as simple as needing more planning or more information.


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Hypothyroidism Can Cause Diabetes

diabetesHypothyroidism is a condition that effects the thyroid gland and is mostly found in women after the age of sixty. Unfortunately, it can also be found in children when it is more likely to turn to diabetes. Hypothyroidism can also lead to many other health issues.

Hypothyroidism affects the thyroid gland; the gland stops producing enough hormones to stimulate the metabolism and slows down the body’s system. It also affects insulin production, Carbohydrates such as white rice, pasta and flour get turned by the body into sugar, then the pancreas releases insulin to turn the sugar into energy which brings the body’s sugar levels back to normal. If hypothyroidism is involved, the pancreas slows down its ability to turn this blood sugar into energy, which then leads to diabetes.

Some of the symptoms that you may experience with hypothyroidism include muscle pain, sweating less, sensitivity to coldness and cold hands and feet, dry, brittle hair, constipation and yellowish or pale skin. If you have been suffering with hypothyroidism for a while you may also experience some symptoms such as drowsiness, memory loss, decreased sense of smell and muscle spasms.

The fact that hypothyroidism can be found not only in women aver sixty but in children is not good as children are more susceptible to developing diabetes as a result of the hypothyroidism. Children are normally tested at birth for abnormalities with the thyroid since the condition can be quite serious. It is hoped that this testing will help reduce the risk of it causing diabetes at such a young age.

The good news is that hypothyroidism can be treated before it turns into diabetes. The biggest way is to change your lifestyle by eating a low carbohydrate, low fat diet, high in protein. In children often, an oral supplement higher than that of an adult can assist as children’s metabolism is faster than that of an adult. The dosage is monitored and adjusted as they grow. Adults also have the option of taking many natural supplements which will regulate the condition provided it has not reached the level where permanent medication is inevitable.

This condition can lead to many illnesses in the body so it must not be ignored. Hypothyroidism, diabetes, metabolic syndrome are just starters. Any illness ignored in the body can lead to serious effects. Either visit your natural practitioner or doctor if you have thyroid issues and they will assist you to quickly get this illness under control.

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Plantar Fasciitis – Treating the pain

Plantar Fasciitis is a condition that causes pain in the foot, especially in the heal area. If you have Plantar Fasciitis you will usually feel a sharp pain through your heal in the morning when standing or walking right after getting out of bed. It is important to seek medical health from a qualified practitioner though rather than making a self-diagnosis.

Treating the condition and the pain of Planar Fasciitis often necessitates simple changes and a few home treatments. When the pain is present ice the area to reduce the inflammation and also massaging the area with a hard-round object. You need to roll out the arch in the foot and manipulate the tissue around the affected area but be careful not to push too hard in the painful area. You can also try doing some easy exercises including stretching the calf muscles. Strengthening the arch muscles is also beneficial.

The most important thing to do is to make sure that your foot is always supported. There are special shoes that you can buy that have arch supports in them. You can also buy a special sock that helps stretch the area and support the ankle and arch of the foot at the same time. Make sure that all the shoes you buy are the proper fit for your foot.

Treating Plantar Fasciitis does not always need the attention of a doctor however if you find that you are starting to get numbness or pain without any pressure being placed on the area or a fever then you may need a health professional to take a look. If the pain persists or the above treatments do not relieve it then it may be more serious and you must seek medical attention.

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